• Professor Elmalheh of France

    Professor Elmalheh of France

    clarifies some of her remarks to an inquisitive audience member.

  • Professor Solomon of USF

    Professor Solomon of USF

    outlines some pressing issues confronting US refugee policy.

  • Young students from Shorecrest School

    Young students from Shorecrest School

    get the latest on the Middle East.

  • Canadian lawyer Bola Ogunmefun

    Canadian lawyer Bola Ogunmefun

    takes a break after delving into Canadian immigration policy issues.

  • Beautiful downtown St. Petersburg

    Beautiful downtown St. Petersburg

    from the USF St. Petersburg conference center.

  • Two students take advantage

    Two students take advantage

    of the specialists on the USF St. Petersburg campus to broaden their perspectives on the world.

  • Filmmaker Tom Shepard

    Filmmaker Tom Shepard

    discusses youth today and their different goals in life.

  • Colonel Joshua Potter

    Colonel Joshua Potter

    of the military’s Special Operations Command leads a discussion on combatting terrorism.

  • St. Petersburg’s Mayor Kriseman

    St. Petersburg’s Mayor Kriseman

    and Palladium director Paul Wilborn listen to Downtown Partnership President Peter Betzer discuss the city’s potential in a more interconnected world.

  • Another full house

    Another full house

    to hear Russians and others talk about President Putin’s next steps.

  • Another packed house

    Another packed house

    to hear the latest on China’s intentions toward its neighbors and its relations with the US.

Join us February 15-17, 2017!