February 17-19, 2016
University of South Florida St. Petersburg University Student Center

Seminars will be February 17-19, 2016 from 8:30 AM to 5 PM ET.

As you’ll see from the detailed program information shown below, a broad range of popular topics and speakers are scheduled.

If you are planning on attending, please take a moment to let us know by using our sign up form on our website. Complimentary parking available in the USFSP parking garage.

We look forward to seeing you!

Depending on current events and their continued relevance, we will change or add to the following seminar schedule.

If you have a topic that you would like to submit for consideration, please click here.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

8:30 AM / Welcome

(Speakers: USFSP Chancellor Sophia Wisniewska, St. Petersburg Deputy Mayor Kanika Tomalin, Ambassador Douglas McElhaney)

9:00 AM  / Obamacare, Single Payer, Private Health Insurance: Can We Afford any of Them?

(Speakers: Guerlain, Baier, Wieringa, Wolfe, R. Smith • Moderator: Chak Prakash)

9:00 AM  / American Jobs: Does Anybody Want Them? Can Anybody Find Them ?

(Speakers: Sondhi, Bolton, Brown, economistModerator: Greg Holden)

10:20 AM  /  A New Generation: Different Voices, Different Perspectives

(Speakers: Shepard, Moritz, Garrick, MehtaModerator: Wes Wallace)

10:20 AM  /  Women Passing through the Glass Ceiling: Inevitable, Rarely, or Ouch it Hurts?

(Speakers: Elmaleh, Bolton, Castor, Houghton, CraneModerator: Janet Crane)

11:30 AM  /  The Isis Caliphate: Religious Frenzy, Sex Slaves, Bad Behavior, and lots of Shoot’em Up. How do We Tackle That Combo?

(Speakers: Miniter, Hutchinson, Tagg, GuerlainModerator: George Hamilton)

11:30 AM  /  Development Assistance or Nation Building: What’s Our Latest Sure-Fire Theory for Helping?

(Speakers: Mehta, Kasaija, Lieberman, Sondhi, BraunsbergerModerator: Karin Braunsberger)

2:00 PM  /  Gun Rights, Mental Health Rights/ Where Should Societies Draw the Line?

(Speakers: Armstrong, Butina, Simon, MoritzModeratorRay Arsenault)

2:00 PM  /  Africa: Unstable at any Speed?

(Speakers: Garrick, Kasaija, MaingotModerator: Robert Strickler)

3:10 PM  /  Mending Bridges with Cuba and Venezuela

(Speakers: Carlson, Maingot, Fernandez, FoxModerator: Joe McClash)

3:10 PM  /  Film: My Africa Is: Alternative Nairobi

(Speakers: Q&A with Filmmaker Nosarieme Garrick)

Thursday, February 18

9:00 AM  /  Europe’s Far Right:  Is it Growing, Evolving, or Returning? Is it Mirrored in the U.S.?

(SpeakersRay ArsenaultMiniter, Guerlain, WieringaModerator: Ray Arsenault)

9:00 AM  /  Should GLBT People Be Granted Asylum in America?

(Speakers: Calo, Clem, Shepard, RuizModerator: Thomas Smith)

10:20 AM  /  Syria: What about Those Refugees, Now That We Know . . .

(Speakers: Ruiz, Badey, Lemmon, Powers, GarrickModerator: Tom Badey)

10:20 AM  /  That Foreign Policy Vision Thing: Presidential Tradition or a Big Yawn?

(Speakers: Miniter, Elmaleh, PoteatModerator: John Boardman)

11:30 AM  /  Post-Cold War Power Politics: Eastern Europe and the Middle East

(Speakers: Clem, Potter, Schaeffer, MiniterModerator: John Reppert)

11:30 AM  /  Internet Earthquake: News in an Era when Everyone is a Reporter and a Publisher

(Speakers: Clark, Arsenault, GarrickModerator: Diane Seligsohn)

2:00 PM  /  Economics & Refugees: The Twin Death Rays Attacking the European Union?

(Speakers: Badey, Guerlain, Miniter, TaggModerator: Pierre Guerlain)

2:00 PM  /  Breaking News: The Overlooked, the Shadows, the Good Stuff

(Speakers: Garrick, Clark, Arsenault, SeligsohnModerator: Ashley Brown)

3:10 PM  /  Immigrants: A New Wall or a New Screen Door?

(Speakers: Clem, Solomon, Elmaleh, Ogunmefun, WaliModerator: Marilyn Kaleel)

3:10 PM  /  Elite Tastes vs. Basic Needs: Organic, Genetically Modified or Insufficient Food

(Speakers: Chrzan, Lynch, Roux, Lieberman, MehtaModerator: Emmanuel Roux)

Friday, February 19

9:00 AM  /  China as Cyber Terrorist, Economic Powerhouse, Military Threat or Withering Giant?

(Speakers: McDowell, Fidler, HeathModerator: Hampton Stephens)

9:00 AM  /  Turkey on the Edge: The Neighborhood’s Gone to Hell and It’s No Fun at Home Either

(Speakers: Akdag, Lemmon, Thomas Smith, PowersModerator: Jesse Turtle)

10:20 AM  /  Iran after the Nuclear Agreement: Are We Riding the Back of the Tiger?

(Speakers: Badey, Tagg, Hutchinson, LemmonModerator: Joe Menasce)

10:20 AM  /  Film Screening: Return to Homs, followed by Q&A

(Speakers: TBD)

11:30 AM  /  Russia: Imperial Aspirations on a Beer Budget

(Speakers: Butina, Clem, Boterbloem, MiniterModerator: Bob Noun)

11:30 AM  /  Frenemies: China and Russia or Two Dragons Kissing with Fire

(SpeakersHeath, Poteat, Schaeffer, YanbukhtinModerator: Bob Deutsch)

2:00 PM  /  St Petersburg: What’s the International Angle for the City?

(Speakers: Mayor Kriseman, Betzer, Durr, Faust, WilbornModerator: Paul Wilborn)

2:00 PM  /  Cyberspace: Where are the Red Lights, Stop Signs, and Traffic Cops?

(Speakers: Fidler, Hutchinson, Poteat, PowersModerator: Barb Strickler)

3:10 PM  /  If Money is the Lifeblood of Terrorism, How Do We Encourage Bleeding?

(Speakers: Potter, Liberto, DumasModerator: Carol Cason)

3:10 PM  /  Egg Roll vs Coca-Cola Diplomacy: China and the West fight for Clout in the Developing World?

(Speakers: McDowell, Kasaija, MehtaModerator: Michel Amblard)

International Career Sessions

College students who are interested in international careers are cordially invited to the events below.

  • Wednesday, February 17, 2016: 12:30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.  /  Thinking About Serving in the Peace Corps? Meet a Recruiter
  • Thursday, February 18, 2016: 12:30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.  /  What’s It Take to Be a Diplomat? Careers in the State Department
  • Friday, February 19, 2016: 12:30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.  /  Careers in Intelligence: Learn More from a 30-Year CIA Veteran