• John Maguire

    John Maguire

    and the panel on the European Union and its challenges.

  • Moderators


    plan their panels.

  • Follow-up conversations

    Follow-up conversations

    are part of the fun.

  • Student chooses

    Student chooses

    his afternoon schedule of panels.

  • Students


    choosing their next panel.

  • Serious conversation,

    Serious conversation,

    friends and coffee.

  • Our supporters

    Our supporters

    and their contributions keep us going.

  • The Syria panel

    The Syria panel

    held the attention of an overflow audience.

  • Marie-Roger Biloa

    Marie-Roger Biloa

    continues the conversation.

  • Between the panels

    Between the panels

    the conversation continues.

  • Fake News

    Fake News

    was the real subject of our Friday panel.

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