The St. Petersburg Conference on World Affairs is held February 12th–15th, 2019 at 3 locations around St. Petersburg, FL. The schedule below shows the topic, panelists, location, date and time of each of the panel discussions.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Topic Speakers Date/Time Location
Keynote Address: "After the Trade War, a Real War with China?" Chas Freeman 5:00 p.m. The Palladium Theater

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

AIDs in the world: waiting for a cure.Diane SeligsohnKatrina Kubicek; Tiffany Chenneville; Linda Whiteford; Joannie. Bewa10:10 a.m.USFSP Student Center
China: let’s rule the world together. Moritz,Scott Brown; William Dowell; Ann Morrison; Allison Quatrin10:10 a.m.USFSP Student Center
How do countries less wealthy than ours provide a social safety net? Kevin McGuireLevan Jugeli; Linda Lucas; Sandra Roelofs; Allison. Quatrini11:20 a.m.USFSP Student Center
Violence against womenElizabeth Scott OsborneGreg Kehoe; Linda Weil-Curiel; Lariana Forsythe; Louise. Buhrmann11:20 a.m.USFSP Student Center
Saudi Arabia: is the Kingdom in our corner?Prudence BushnellWilliam Jordan; Bruce Mabley; William Dowell; Michael Burch2:00 p.m.USFSP Student Center
Do like the Canadians; Legalize pot.Iqbal ParooAmy Ronshausen; Adriaan Buma; Andrew Hano; Louise Burhmann2:00 p.m.USFSP Student Center
Let’s talk Canadian exceptionalism.Robert SattinBruce Mabley; Susan Harper; Raymond Arsenault3:10 p.m.USFSP Student Center
Civil disobedience: It worked for Gandhi and King, so how about today?George HamiltonDouglas Herbert; Eric Lynn; Elizabeth Scott Osborne; Prudence Bushnell3:10 p.m.USFSP Student Center
Women in Global Business:Preceded by refreshments and networking from 5:00-6:00 pm. Presented in collaboration with the Kate Tiedemann College of Business Women and Leadership Initiative.Karen DeeRonice Barlow; Janel Brown; Kavita May; Angie. McCourt6:00-7:30 p.m. Kate Tiedemann College of Business Auditorium
Welcome and Opening Remarks Martin Tadlock; Diane Seligsohn8:45 a.m.USFSP Student Center
Trade wars: have we reached a truce?Kevin McGuireScott Brown; Susan Harper; Reid Lohr; Frank Benyon9:00 a.m.USFSP Student Center
St Petersburg: international dining destinationRobin SussinghamLaura Reiley; Noel Cruz; Matthew Brennan; Emmanuel Roux9:00 a.m.USFSP Student Center

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Sub-Saharan Africa Steps into the Limelight.Iqbal ParooMichael Rannenberger; Robert Whitehead; Nabintu Mijambere; Elizabeth Scott Osborne; Felicien Kakure10:10 a.m.USFSP Student Center
Slash the State Department. Diplomacy is so much palaver.George HamiltonRobert Blake; Ed Marks; Prudence Bushnell; 10:10 a.m.USFSP Student Center
Climate change is real. What do we do now?Mark HafenEllen Prager; Don Chambers; Douglas Herbert11:20 a.m.USFSP Student Center
Florida in the world’s imagination: From conquistadors to Disney.Robin TruesdaleMichael Francis; Gary Mormino; Laura Reiley11:20 a.m.USFSP Student Center
Russia and Europe: friend and enemy, in that order? Golfo AlexopoulosPaul Kubicek; Douglas Herbert; Nolan Peterson; Jamison Firestone2:00 p.m.USFSP Student Center
Why is everyone a wounded minority; or, what happened to e pluribus unum?Monique QuesadaJohn Zogby; Linda Lucas; Ann Morrison2:00 p.m.USFSP Student Center
Why is America relinquishing its leadership role in the world? Robert DeutschDonald Morrison; Bruce Mabley; Dennis Jett3:10 p.m.USFSP Student Center
The gig economy: the new normal. Kevin McGuireLinda Member of women’s global business panel. -- Lucas; Ann Morrison; Reid Lohr3:10 p.m.USFSP Student Center
Film: “Cuba’s Forgotten Jewels: A Haven in Havana.” Jewish refugees from Nazi-occupied Europe recreate a flourishing diamond-polishing trade in Cuba. Followed by Q&A with film makers Judy Kreith and Robin Truesdale. Marguerite MoritzJudy Kreith; Robin Truesdale4:20 p.m.Kate Tiedemann College of Business Auditorium
To the UK: rethink Brexit!  John MaguireFrank Benyon; Douglas Herbert; William Jordan; Ann Morrison9:00 a.m.USFSP Student Center
If Trump is a nationalist, what are we? TBA.,Donaled Morrison; Dennis Jett; Nolan Peterson; Eric. Lynn9:00 a.m.USFSP Student Center
Dirty Wars and Polished Silver. Linda Schuster, a former foreign correspondent for the Wall Street Journal, discusses her memoir about her journey from covering wars to the diplomat reception circuit. Linda SchusterTBAKate Tiedemann College of Business Auditorium
Why Peacekeeping Fails. Ambassador, professor, and writer Dennis Jett discusses how the evolution of conflict in the world has made the job of peacekeepers largely impossible and why they are sent nonetheless. Dennis JettTBAKate Tiedemann College of Business Auditorium

Friday, February 15, 2019

When facts and beliefs collide: let’s talk about it.Tom EdmondsRichard Briffault; William Dowell; Nolan Peterson; Donald Morrison; Ellen Prager10:10 a.m.USFSP Student Center
Give me your tired and your poor; should we take in people on the basis of their poverty? TBA.,Gary Mormino; Ann Morrison; Felicien Kakure; Bruce Mabley10:10 a.m.USFSP Student Center
Dictators are good allies; they stifle extremism and keep the peaceRobert SattinGreg Kehoe; Allison Quatrini; Jamison Firestone11:20 a.m. USFSP Student Center
When whites are in the minority, how will they be treated? Raymond ArsenaultDonald Morrison; John Zogby; Felicien Kakure; Linda. Whiteford11:20 a.m.USFSP Student Center
U.S. State Department student recruiting luncheon, presented by Monique Quesada. Students only, please. Space is limited. Monique Quesada12:30 p.m.USFSP Student Center
Western democracy: when electors choose the grossly incompetent. Felipe MantillaPaul Kubicek; Richard Briffault; William Jordan; Eric Lynn2:00 p.m.USFSP Student Center
The United Nations is a relic of a bygone era.Dorothy DavisClint Elbow; Bruce Mabley; Allan Jury; Felicien Kakure; Elizabeth Scott Osborne2:00 p.m.USFSP Student Center
The news and just the news; why the media feels moved to inject opinion. Donald MorrisonWilliam Dowell; Douglas Herbert; Marguerite Moritz; Nolan Peterson3:10 p.m. USFSP Student Center
Why St. Petersburg needs foreign investment. TBA3:10 p.m. USFSP Student Center
A Summit with Kim Jong Un and a broken agreement with Teheran: is this progress? John MaguireDouglas Herbert; Robert Blake; Robert Whitehead; Prudence Bushnell9:00 a.m.USFSP Student Center
The debate over vaccinations.Iqbal ParooAdriaan Buma; Katrina Kubicek; Sandra Roelofs; Jill Roberts9:00 a.m.USFSP Student Center