Fabrizio Gugliuzza

Fabrizio GugliuzzaLawyer

Fabrizio Gugliuzza is a Lawyer with post-graduate studies in Corporate Law (Universidad Metropolitana - Venezuela), Studying a LL.M. in International Law at Stetson University in Gulfport; Graduated in 2014 as a Lawyer, later came to Tampa to improve his English skills at USF returning to his country afterwards to pursuit a postgraduate study and work. He witnessed the progressive collapse of economy and society by the modern dictatorship stablished in his country, and faced the deterioration of living standards and the oppression of the regime to remain in power, killing and imprisoning innocent people, he collaborated observing past elections and now tries to explain what is happening and find support and help to end the dictatorship with the hope of making possible the future reconstruction of Venezuela.

Appears On

Friday, February 15, 2019