Jamison Firestone

Jamison FirestoneAttorney, Human Right/Anti-Corruption

Jamison Firestone is a New York attorney and human rights / anti-corruption crusader who inadvertently helped set off a chain of events that caused a Russian government lawyer to walk into Trump Tower. Mr. Firestone founded Russia's first independent foreign law firm in 1993 with $1,000.

In 1996 his firm was ranked 6th in Russia by revenue. By 2006 Mr. Firestone's firm was administering investment structures for his clients that held over $5 billion in assets. Mr. Firestone was also a Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia and head of its Enterprise Development Committee. In 2007, structures administered by Mr. Firestone's firm were hijacked by Russian officials and used to steal $230 million from the Russian State. Mr. Firestone's partner, Sergei Magnitsky, blew the whistle on the crime and was subsequently arrested and killed by the officials he testified against. Since then Mr. Firestone has teamed up with a client, Mr. William Browder, and their group has created a sanctions regime to punish human rights abusers and corrupt actors. Magnitsky Sanctions have now been adopted by the US, UK, Canada, and the Baltics and are under consideration by countries around the world.

Mr. Firestone is a graduate of Tulane University Law School.