Nabintu Mujambere

Nabintu MujambereFuture Hope Africa Founder, Educator

Nabintu Mujambere is a Congolese educator based in Bukavu, Democratic Rep. of Congo (DRC). After completing her university education in Belgium, she returned to Bukavu in 2008 to establish a non-profit education center in Bukavu to serve children, youth and families. In 2012, her work spawned a new faith-based US nonprofit organization, Future Hope Africa, Inc. The Kanega Education Centre provides programs for after-school tutoring, language studies, music and art programs, and youth leadership clubs. The center focuses on children from families that cannot afford public schooling. Ms. Mujambere and her staff also introduced youth environmental programs, coordinated with local schools, and adult entrepreneurial training to Bukavu. She has instituted a nascent micro-loan program to help those who graduate the entrepreneurial training course.

Her life experience of fleeing the late-1990's DRC civil war violence and her subsequent schooling in Nairobi, Kenya, followed by university in Belgium gave her a vision to return to the DRC to provide fundamental education through a caring, committed staff of teachers to needy families. Her August 2018 outreach to soldiers' families in a nearby military camp was unprecedented, and is being followed up in the center's youth leadership clubs.

Nabintu is fluent in Mashi, Lingala, Swahili, French and English.